How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Dog

We've all experienced the difficulty of photographing our dogs. They will never look at the camera or the phone!

Flashes are unappealing, and natural light can be so dim that you can't tell where your dog ends and the sofa begins. 


It's extremely difficult to capture their unimaginable cuteness with a simple camera or phone.

Time it correctly

If you want action shots, schedule your photo shoot before the daily three-mile run. 

If you want a peaceful portrait, do it after.


Allow Your Dog to Accustom to the Camera

The click and flash of a camera can startle dogs at first. Allow your dog to sniff the camera before casually photographing the surroundings. 

The goal is to keep things simple and uncomplicated. What you should not do: Grab a bunch of treats, shove the camera in your dog's face, and repeat loudly, "Look at me!"


Take plenty of photos

The more photos you take, the better your chances of getting a few great ones.


Play with level

Take a knee, sit, crouch, or do whatever it takes to meet your dog's gaze. This will allow your photos to look differently.


Pay attention to background

The background is an essential part of every photo. Choose it carefully and be creative.

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