Yanina created Run for Dogs because of her love of animals. Being a marathon runner and Boston marathon finisher she decided to combine both of her passions and this is how the project was born.

Project Manager

Irina is passionate about traveling alongside her furry friend Battement the Yorkie. Her dream is to set up Run for Dogs events around the world to show people how wonderful life could be when a dog is a part of it.

Art director

Malen has been working in design for over 10 years and has her own business, where she collects aesthetic things for the interior. Her huge love for Earth, natural goods, and living creatures have led her to Run For Dogs.


Volha is a musician, who loves adventures, literature, sport, and animals. She thinks that you should be the reason someone smiles, feels loved and believes in the goodness in people. Run for dogs is a great fit as it combines her interests and shares the same philosophy.

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