We hold our first race in 2014. It was a small race in which 60 people participated. But already at that time, we felt how unique the Run for Dogs project is.

Not only it unites people who share common interests but by providing special atmosphere it ignites good emotions in our participants.


A year later we organized our next run. At this time we got 300 participants, and commercial support from one of the world best know sports brands.

A few months later, in partnership with well-known dog food producers, we started to do our runs on a regular base. 

Before the pandemic, we hold 11 events and helped numerous shelters and with our help, more than 30 dogs found their new home.


Now we decided to launch Run for Dogs in other countries and spread these vibes of unity, happiness, and joy all over the world!


12 000 people 

& 2 000 dogs

42 000 km

$ 70 000

more than 20


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